Parent-Student-Teacher Compact



We know that learning can take place only where there is a combination of effort, interest, and motivation. Because we are all committed to your child's progress at _________________________ , we are going to do our best to promote his or her achievement. This compact is a promise to work together. Together we can improve teaching and learning. Please read and sign the parent/guardian section. Read the student section with your child(ren) and send back one compact with each child tomorrow. We look forward to a productive and successful school year.


As a parent/guardian, I will:


o Encourage my child to be independently responsible.


o Listen or read to my child every night.


o Communicate regularly with my child's teacher.


o Be provided reasonable access to school staff.


o Provide a home environment that encourages my child to learn.


o Recognize that I am my child's first teacher.


o Review my child's progress report.


o Strive to develop the skills needed to help my child.


o If possible, volunteer in my child's school.


o Provide educational opportunities for my child during the summer.


o Attend parent-teacher conferences.



Parent's/Guardian's Signature:___________________________________________________


As a student, I will:


o Be an active participant in school and community service.


o Obey school and bus rules.


o Be respectful at all times.


o Attend school regularly and be punctual.


o Be provided access to all school staff as needed.


o Come to school prepared with homework and supplies.


o Do my best in my work and in my behavior.


o Read aloud or silently everyday.


o Assume responsibility for my actions.



Student's Signature:______________________________________________________________


As a teacher, I will:


o Believe that each student can learn.


o Show respect for each child and his or her family.


o Help each child grow to his or her fullest potential.


o Provide a safe and productive learning environment.


o Come to class prepared to teach and learn.


o Model a professional behavior and a positive attitude.


o Ensure fairness and equity in adherence to school, district, and classroom rules.


o Provide a variety of opportunities for parents to become involved in school activities.


o Schedule conferences that are considerate of parent schedules.


o Provide parents reasonable access to the school and classroom.


o Provide parents with appropriate resources.


o Provide meaningful and appropriate homework.


o Recognize and celebrate the cultural diversity of the students.


o Consult and coordinate with other teachers about specific needs of each student.


o Report frequently the progress of the student to parents/guardians.



Teacher's Signature:______________________________________________________Date:_________


Principal's Signature______________________________________________________Date:________